Destination for Premium Natural Stone and Quartz Surfaces

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Our Story

AARKS is India's pioneering natural stones supplier to the world. As a leading brand in the natural stone industry, we are here to offer a phenomenal selection of granite slabs, granite tiles, and engineered quartz-stone surfaces of impeccable quality.

Our color palette, inexhaustible sizes, and exclusive finishes have established AARKS as an industrial leader for interior applications as well as exterior applications.

Our commitment is to keep monitoring and meeting the international market standards for all our products. Our dedication towards the environment is shown through our operations, as they have been designed to set a path for a sustainable future. AARKS has proudly built a smart supply chain ecosystem to ensure that our exceptionally high-quality products reach our customers across the globe within the promised time.


Our Products

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Flawless, water resistance, and heat & fire resistant that can fit everything with its endurance and resilience.



Blessing to the eyes, a jewel to the floor as the tiles shine and awaken its beauty of imperishable quality.



Nearly indestructible and relatively bacteria-free with an adorned touch of perfection to it.

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aarks stonex Quality and Principles 1 (1)

Quality & Principles

We are a customer-centric company more than anything else. To leave no stone unturned and fulfill the requirements of the customers, we keep evolving with the fast-paced world. We hold our side of the bargain by delivering the products that rightly suit the needs of our customers at the most reasonable prices. Understanding customer requirements is in fact one of our key chapters in the employee training module.

At AARKS, we strive to deliver products that are assured of quality and durability. One of the essential principles at AARKS is continual improvement. We believe in setting an ever-growing principle. Our large customer base helps us from time to time with their quantifiable feedbacks. Necessary steps are also taken to implement the changes and work towards a better customer experience.

Employees at AARKS are all committed to fulfilling the vision and mission of AARKS. They are highly trained and well-equipped with proper resources to work towards customer satisfaction.


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    INDIA: CORPORATE OFFICE: V-4, Aparna County, Miyapur, Hyderabad, India – 500049

    FACTORY: Unit-1: Aarks Exports, Sy.No. 184/A, Kodada Road,
    Mudigonda, Khammam, Telangana, India – 507158.

    Unit-2: Aarks Exports, Sy.No. 1160-1A & 1160-1D2,
    P.Gudipadu Road, Prakasam Dist., Andhra Pradesh, India – 523225.

    13035, Ignatius Drive, Frisco,
    Dallas, TX -75035.